Print Directions. Print drawing papers 1 & 2 and tape them together to form an 11 x 17 sheet of paper. Have each child draw themselves in a box and write their name underneath.

Make sure to:

Have students use black, ultra-fine Sharpie markers.

Fill in spaces closest to the center if class has less than 32 students.

Include teacher's portrait.

Redo any mistakes by taping a small piece of paper over the original drawing.


Print one copy of the T-Shirt Order Form, write which color shirts you are ordering: red, royal blue, purple orange, kelly green, or turquoise, and place your school's name where indicated. Then, make copies and send home to parents.


Make checks payable to your school to avoid sales tax. After depositing checks with your school office or PTA/PTO, they should issue a check to Rocky Mountain Shirt Co. Minimum Order is 18 shirts per classroom. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. No reorders will be taken.


Fill out a copy of the Final Order Form and enclose it in a mailing envelope along with your  Payment and

the 11 x 17 paper of portraits.

Mail to: Rocky Mountain Shirt Co. 2645 Cottonwood Dr. Grand Junction, CO 81506