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Rocky Mountain Shirt Company is a family business that began in 1990. Self-portrait T-shirts is one of the segments of our business that we enjoy the most. We always get smiles on our faces when we look at the adorable class drawings. The comments we receive from teachers and parents make our day!


We look forward to seeing your class.


Mike & Eileen


Donate to Africa!

 Rocky Mountain Shirt Company is proud to support the needs of African students.


For every order we receive, we will donate hot lunches for a classroom in Tanzania, Africa. This school lunch program has increased daily attendance 30%. In addition, the graduation rate has gone from 20% to 98% in just a few years!


Thank you for your orders and being a part of this program that helps so many young students!



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Thank you so much for once again supporting our hot lunch program.  With this donation, you have provided 6,000 meals to hungry primary students. Many thanks for impacting lives!! – AfricaAid

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